Engagement Platform for Games

Maximize player engagement with fun and incentivized gameplay

Conductive.ai creates software for game developers to reward player engagement.
Motivate your gamers to keep playing and increase player lifetime value (LTV).

Player Lifetime Value (LTV) = Player Value * Average Player Lifespan

Our platform inspires gamers to play longer

  • Gamers play your game without leaving the platform
  • Gamers win stablecoins and digital collectibles for gameplay
  • Satisfied gamers play more and refer their friends

Rewarded Engagement

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Global Reward Distribution

Scalable framework with no technical lift

  • Web3 payment rails provide fast, low-cost rewards distribution
  • One-line SDK integration and no changes to existing code
  • Scalable transactions for any player base size
  • Reward players in any location, all from one dashboard

No Web3 friction
for users

  • No blockchain-specific programming needed
  • Automatically generate and manage player accounts for your game
  • Conductive.ai's infrastructure runs invisibly in the background

Zero-Click Onboarding

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Built-In Analytics

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Understand your player engagement

  • Monitor all segments of players who interact with Conductive.ai's platform
  • Measure effectiveness of rewarded points and prizes
  • See data about new users, Web3 conversions, and retention

Conductive.ai Works with Web3 Innovators

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Extend the fun.

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